Safe Step Hybrid Tub Cost

Safe Step Hybrid Tub CostWhich is the best brand of walk in tubs?. Walk-in tub prices by brand *Not including installation. Safe Step tubs are designed with safety as the primary goal, and Bathing Solutions focuses on constructing durable home improvement products. Allow us to help you find something within your budget and. Safe Step is best for seniors looking for a product that upholds ADA standards. Their walk-in tubs have unique. Safe Step walk-in tubs start at about $2,500 for just the tub before installation and go up to $8,000 or more. Its products are all made in the U. Safe Step walk-in tubs cost $2,500 to $12,000 and include a contoured heated seat and backrest, adjustable hydrotherapy jets, a hand-held shower wand, and an ozone cleaning system. Compare quotes from tub installers near you. Safe Step Walk-In Tubs Review and Costs in 2023 Safe Step Walk-In Tubs Review and Costs Lifetime Warranty Lowest Price Guarantete Installation Included Free. Our Hybrid™ Walk-In Bathtub can help you to maintain dignity and independence while staying in your own home. Tub size, therapeutic features, design, materials, your geographic. Keep in mind that this is simply a ballpark, combining the quotes we had found line via various resources such as ConsumerAffairs. The basic $9,000 tub cost will give you none of the additional features that the brand is. Call (888) 746-1715 Service We're here to help with any questions or queries. Walk-In Tub and Shower Combo by KOHLER ® For a customized bathing experience, the Shower Package gives you the choice of taking either a relaxing bath or a convenient shower. However, the final cost after installation may be different depending on your scheduling, space and plumbing requirements. The price range for walk-in tubs can vary greatly. When you tack on the cost of installation, which will likely be somewhere in the ballpark of $5,000, you'll definitely be spending a good chunk of change for a Safe Step tub. According to some user reviews, Safe Step’s estimated price range is between $11,000 and $16,000, making them one of the most expensive walk-in tubs on the market. Each product comes with a lifetime warranty on the tub frame, specific. Safe Step Safe Step offers walk-in tubs, walk-in showers and hybrid tubs, which are a combination of the two. Facebook Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Email. The Safe Step Hybrid Tub gives you the best of both worlds; it features a walk-in tub and shower, using the hybrid tub to sit down and soak or stand and shower, depending on your mobility needs. For instance, American Standard offers walk-in tubs for as little as $1,500 for the most basic model. All in all, for a grand total, plan on budgeting at least $8,000 to $20,000 to have a Safe Step Walk-In Tub installed. Safe Step also offers a “Helping Hand” rebate of up to $1,500 to